Hi, I'm Daniel Aguirre: a nomad telecom engineer, music spy, and space runner.



I'm Daniel Aguirre, and I'm a telecommunications engineer, music blogger, and runner.

I have a music blog called μ sique, and I write a newsletter about the telecom industry.

Sometimes I write for Newhz, and The Unwired People.


How To Grow

This week Ericsson, in collaboration with EY, explained why some operators are more successful than others, and what are the strategies adopted by these so-called Frontrunners in order to achieve those great results:

“Our key finding was that there are six common traits that are shared by frontrunners – we call these Growth Codes. […] They share a common focus on network performance and customer experience, but their differentiation, innovation and technology approaches vary by strategy.

Growth Codes

Something that I found very interesting is that according to the study, the frontrunners are not necessarily the market leaders. The fact of being a small/medium-size operator does not mean you are doomed, on the contrary it allows you to be more disruptive, and become a frontrunner by following the “Codes”.